class composer.profiler.SystemProfiler(profile_cpu=True, profile_memory=False, profile_disk=False, profile_net=False, stats_thread_interval_seconds=0.5)[source]#

The SystemProfiler records system level metrics.


The Composer Trainer automatically creates an instance of this SystemProfiler callback whenever any of the System Profiler arguments (sys_prof_cpu, sys_prof_memory, sys_prof_disk, or sys_prof_net) are enabled.

When using the Composer Trainer, one does not need to directly create an instance of this SystemProfiler callback.

  • profile_cpu (bool) โ€“ Whether to record cpu statistics (Default: True)

  • profile_memory (bool) โ€“ Whether to record memory statistics (Default: False)

  • profile_disk (bool) โ€“ Whether to record disk I/O statistics (Default: False)

  • profile_net (bool) โ€“ Whether to record network I/O statistics (Default: False)

  • stats_thread_interval_seconds (float) โ€“ Interval to record system-level stats, in seconds. (Default: every 0.5 seconds)