class composer.loggers.MosaicMLLogger(log_interval=60, ignore_keys=None, ignore_exceptions=False)[source]#

Log to Mosaic AI Training.

Logs metrics to Mosaic AI Training. Logging only happens on rank 0 every log_interval seconds to avoid performance issues.

When running on Mosaic AI Training, the logger is automatically enabled by Trainer. To disable, the environment variable โ€˜MOSAICML_PLATFORMโ€™ can be set to False.

  • log_interval (int, optional) โ€“ Buffer log calls more frequent than log_interval seconds to avoid performance issues. Defaults to 60.

  • ignore_keys (list[str], optional) โ€“

    A list of keys to ignore when logging. The keys support Unix shell-style wildcards with fnmatch. Defaults to None.

    Example 1: ignore_keys = ["wall_clock/train", "wall_clock/val", "wall_clock/total"] would ignore wall clock metrics.

    Example 2: ignore_keys = ["wall_clock/*"] would ignore all wall clock metrics.

    (default: None)

  • ignore_exceptions โ€“ Flag to disable logging exceptions. Defaults to False.

log_metadata(metadata, force_flush=False)[source]#

Buffer metadata and prefix keys with mosaicml.