The CometML (comet_ml) integration automatically sets the relevant environment variables that Comet relies on in the run execution environment.

CometML Logger must be configured in Composer

This integration only sets up the environment, the logger itself must still be configured in Composer. See Composer’s Logging and CometMLLogger.

Note that the run name for the Comet run will default to the name of the MCLI run, unless another name is passed into Composer’s CometMLLogger in which case that will take precedence.

In order to include the comet_ml integration, use integration_type: comet_ml.

Setup: CometML API Key#

This integration requires providing your Comet API key. Retrieve or generate your Comet API Key at this link, then create an environment variable secret:

mcli create secret env COMET_API_KEY=<YOUR COMET API KEY>

This command creates a secret which will mount your API key in the run execution environment as the variable COMET_API_KEY. For more details on how this works, see the Environment Secrets Page.

Required Parameters#

The comet_ml integration has no required parameters. However, if no parameters are specified then there won’t be any configuration set for CometML.

Optional Parameters#

Optional parameters of the CometML Integration are used to configure the CometML logger.

Optional parameters include: project, workspace.

  • project (str): The CometML project to log to. Default: None

  • workspace (str): The organization the CometML user belongs to. Default: None.

Always Set project and workspace

Even though all comet_ml parameters are optional, we strongly recommend always setting project and workspace for all your runs so that they appear in an expected place in your CometML account.


  - integration_type: comet_ml

    # The comet_ml project (we recommend you always specify a project)
    project: my_project

    # The account to log to (we recommend you always specify an workspace)
    workspace: mosaic-ml