To set up your Databricks credentials within the MCloud environment, use the databricks secret:

mcli create secret databricks

This secret requires providing your workspace URL and Databricks Personal Access Token (PAT) to the MosaicML platform as host and token, respectively.

host: Your Databricks workspace URL—more information on workspace URLs can be found in this documentation.

token: Generate a Databricks PAT following the instructions here.

Instead of using the interactive prompt above, all the settings can also be provided as flags in one command:

mcli create secret databricks --host my-host --token my-token

Testing your Credentials#

To test your Databricks credentials, create a databricks_secret_check.yaml with the following run config:

name: databricks-secret-check
image: homebrew/brew
  gpus: 0
command: |
  brew tap databricks/tap
  brew install databricks
  echo "[DEFAULT]
  token = $DATABRICKS_TOKEN" >> ~/.databrickscfg
  printf "\n\n\n\n\n========================================\nDatabricks current user info:\n"
  databricks current-user me
mcli run -f databricks_secret_check.yaml --follow

If all goes well, you should see something like this at the bottom of the output:

Databricks current user info:
  "emails": [
  "groups": [
  "name": {