Training Quickstart#

You can easily train your model with the MosaicML platform with just a few simple steps. Before starting, make sure you’ve configured MosaicML access

Run “Hello World”#

To submit your first run, copy the below yaml into a file called ‘hello_world.yaml’.:

name: hello-world
  gpus: 0
image: bash
command: |
  sleep 2
  echo Hello World!

Then, run:

mcli run -f hello_world.yaml --follow

If you see “Hello World!”, congratulations on setting up MCLI!

Specifying a cluster

If you have access to more than one cluster, the --cluster keyword is a required argument to launch runs. You can find all the clusters you have access to with the following command:

mcli get clusters

And then specify the cluster in the yaml or through the command line:

mcli run -f hello_world.yaml --follow --cluster [your_cluster_name]