PyPI Packages#

The PyPI Packages integration installs Python packages in your run execution environment.

In order to include the PyPI integration, use integration_type: pip_packages.

Required Parameters#

The only required parameter (and the only parameter overall) for this integration is the packages field, which corresponds to a list of all packages to install.

Note that you can include package version constraints along with the package name just as you would in a pip install command.

Optional parameters#

The only optional parameter is the upgrade parameter which when set to true adds a --upgrade to the pip install command and when set to false does not. For more details on how upgrade works, see the pip documentation.

Note that if upgrade is set to true then it will be used for all pip packages being installed.


  - integration_type: pip_packages
      - wheel
      - xformers==4.20.0
      - requests>=2.27.1
    upgrade: true