Common Commands for Finetuning Runs#

mcli finetune -f <your_yaml>

Submits a run with the provided YAML configuration. Validating the input you provide is on by default, which is a quick way to ensure that you have access to all the resources you provide in your YAML. To disable, you can pass the disable-credentials-check flag.

mcli finetune -f <your_yaml> --disable-credentials-check

mcli get ft

Lists all of your submitted finetuning runs (see mcli get ft --help to view the many filters available). Note that ft stands for finetuning-run. Other supported aliases include mcli get finetuning-runs and mcli get finetuning-run.

mcli describe ft <finetuning_run_name>

Get detailed information about a finetuning run, including the config that was used to launch it and events related to your run. See [finetuning events] ( to understand all events that occur during a run.

mcli stop ft <finetuning_run_name>

Stops the provided finetuning run. The finetuning run will be stopped, but not deleted from your usage history after stopping it, if necessary.

mcli delete ft <finetuning_run_name>

Deletes the finetuning run from your usage history.

Run sharing#

If run sharing is enabled, users within the same organization have read access to other users’ finetuning runs. Ask your administrator if you would like this feature enabled!

This enables easier collaboration, so a user can fetch other users’ finetuning runs with:

mcli get ft --user <another_users_email>

Users can also describe another user’s runs with:

mcli describe ft <run_name>