class composer.loggers.WandBLogger(project=None, group=None, name=None, entity=None, tags=None, log_artifacts=False, rank_zero_only=True, init_kwargs=None)[source]#

Log to Weights and Biases.

  • project (str, optional) โ€“ WandB project name.

  • group (str, optional) โ€“ WandB group name.

  • name (str, optional) โ€“ WandB run name. If not specified, the State.run_name will be used.

  • entity (str, optional) โ€“ WandB entity name.

  • tags (List[str], optional) โ€“ WandB tags.

  • log_artifacts (bool, optional) โ€“ Whether to log artifacts (Default: False).

  • rank_zero_only (bool, optional) โ€“

    Whether to log only on the rank-zero process. When logging artifacts, it is highly recommended to log on all ranks. Artifacts from ranks โ‰ฅ1 will not be stored, which may discard pertinent information. For example, when using Deepspeed ZeRO, it would be impossible to restore from checkpoints without artifacts from all ranks (default: True).

  • init_kwargs (Dict[str, Any], optional) โ€“ Any additional init kwargs wandb.init (see WandB documentation).


Whether the logger supports uploading files.