class composer.core.MemoryFormat(value)[source]#

Enum class to represent different memory formats.

See torch.torch.memory_format for more details.


Default PyTorch memory format represnting a tensor allocated with consecutive dimensions sequential in allocated memory.


This is also known as NHWC. Typically used for images with 2 spatial dimensions (i.e., Height and Width) where channels next to each other in indexing are next to each other in allocated memory. For example, if C[0] is at memory location M_0 then C[1] is at memory location M_1, etc.


This can also be referred to as NTHWC. Same as CHANNELS_LAST but for videos with 3 spatial dimensions (i.e., Time, Height and Width).


A way to tell operations to make the output tensor to have the same memory format as the input tensor.