class streaming.base.storage.S3Uploader(out, keep_local=False, progress_bar=False, retry=2, exist_ok=False)[source]#

Upload file from local machine to AWS S3 bucket (or any S3 compatible object store).

  • out (str | Tuple[str, str]) –

    Output dataset directory to save shard files.

    1. If out is a local directory, shard files are saved locally.

    2. If out is a remote directory, a local temporary directory is created to cache the shard files and then the shard files are uploaded to a remote location. At the end, the temp directory is deleted once shards are uploaded.

    3. If out is a tuple of (local_dir, remote_dir), shard files are saved in the local_dir and also uploaded to a remote location.

  • keep_local (bool) – If the dataset is uploaded, whether to keep the local dataset shard file or remove it after uploading. Defaults to False.

  • progress_bar (bool) – Display TQDM progress bars for uploading output dataset files to a remote location. Default to False.

  • retry (int) – Number of times to retry uploading a file. Defaults to 2.

  • exist_ok (bool) – When exist_ok = False, raise error if the local part of out already exists and has contents. Defaults to False.


Raise an exception if the bucket does not exist.


remote (str) – S3 bucket path.


error – Bucket does not exist.


List all objects in the S3 object store with the given prefix.


prefix (Optional[str], optional) – The prefix to search for. Defaults to None.


List[str] – A list of object names that match the prefix.


Upload file from local instance to AWS S3 bucket.


filename (str) – File to upload.