composer.datasets.build_cifar10_dataloader(datadir, global_batch_size, is_train=True, download=True, drop_last=True, shuffle=True, **dataloader_kwargs)[source]#

Builds a CIFAR-10 dataloader with default transforms.

  • datadir (str) โ€“ Path to the data directory

  • global_batch_size (int) โ€“ Global batch size

  • is_train (bool) โ€“ Whether to load the training data or validation data. Default: True.

  • download (bool, optional) โ€“ Whether to download the dataset, if needed. Default: True.

  • drop_last (bool) โ€“ Drop remainder samples. Default: True.

  • shuffle (bool) โ€“ Shuffle the dataset. Default: True.

  • **dataloader_kwargs (Any) โ€“ Additional settings for the dataloader (e.g. num_workers, etc.)