Source code for composer.profiler.profiler_action

# Copyright 2022 MosaicML Composer authors
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

from composer.utils.string_enum import StringEnum

__all__ = ["ProfilerAction"]

[docs]class ProfilerAction(StringEnum): """Action states for the :class:`Profiler` that define whether or not events are being recorded to the trace file. Attributes: SKIP: Do not record new events to the trace. Any events started during ``ACTIVE`` or ``WARMUP`` will be recorded upon finish. WARMUP: Record all events to the trace `except` those requiring a warmup period to initialize data structures (e.g., :doc:`profiler`). ACTIVE: Record all events to the trace. ACTIVE_AND_SAVE: Record all events and save the trace at the end of the batch. """ SKIP = "skip" WARMUP = "warmup" ACTIVE = "active" ACTIVE_AND_SAVE = "active_and_save"